The NYC Greenwich Village Music Festival

the greatest music festival from the greatest music city in the world

I'm going to be attending the upcoming Fillmore East employee reunion. It will be great to see old comrades from those long gone times.

My first apartment on MacDougal just below Bleecker was a 6th floor walkup that was $150.00 a month in 1969. My last apartment was tub in kitch arrangement on 9th Street between 1st & 2nd Aves, also $150.00 a month. Moved out in 1973.

I was actually in Steve Elliot's old Carmine Street apartment. Steve may remember me from my Gaslight days with Waldrop & Rountree. For awhile we used Steve's bass player Jeffrey Breeh.

My nearly 5 years in the Village from age 18 to 23 were formative, to say the least, & who I am today is very much a product of that place & time.

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Happy Traum at the Gerdes Folk City 50th Reunion 6/7/10 "Buckets Of Rain" and talks about Dylan

"BRING BACK THEM GOOD OLD DAYS!" ~ Comments from our members!

Lisi Tribble about Gerdes Folk City:
"Jay Byrd was the last hooter- Dustin Hoffman based his character "Hawk" in Ishtar on him. Enamel the Camel. The Roches. Rick Danko. David Massengill. George Gerdes. Eric Andersen. Mark Johnson. Gregory Fleeman. Jack Hardy. Robin Williamson. Tret Fure. Ferron. Sammy Walker. Lach. . .--Anderson,

Bob Dylan was also below age when he first played there. Mike signed his guardianship forms."

"I loved it when the Village was still like a small community, a town within Manhattan, and mostly "regulars" would hang out.....I always felt so welcome there... Bring back them old days!"
~Ida Langsam

"This website is gonna catch on fire. Great idea! When I get to something other than an iPhone I'll upload some pix and stuff. I'll be keeping tabs...I Think this kind of organized exposure for the artists willing to perform is Great. going to blossom"
~Bob Porco (grandson of Mike)

"Thanks so much for putting this whole thing together, and for inviting me to participate. I have such wonderful memories of the Bitter End and all the other coffee houses: Gerde's Folk City, The Gaslight Cafe... saw so many wonderful artists perform."
~Yvonne Fitzner

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