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67 Comments from my Facebook friends when asked who they saw, when and where in The Village!

Sandi Bachom
Hey gang....doing a little research. Who did you see in Greenwich Village? When and where? I saw Jackson Browne open for Randy Newman at the Bitter End in 1974, I grew up in California so missed those early days.
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Bruce Kunkel I played the Bitter End for 4 months in 66-67.19 hours ago · Unlike · 1 person

Bruce Kunkel Hung out with Zappa and the mothers across the street at the Garrett, saw Blood Sweat & Tears, Linda Ronstadt, meet Keith Moon & The Who... lots of stuff!19 hours ago · Unlike · 5 people

Mary Louise Sandi, I saw Jackson too in approx. 1976, but not in Greenwich Village....Great Show19 hours ago · Like

Bruce Kunkel He used to be my room mate in early 1966!19 hours ago · Like · 1 person

Sandi Bachom Hey Bruce, I saw a concert in Riverside, pretty sure Jackson was with me. It was Dylan and The Band, we went to a party after and Donovan and Dylan were there. But the concert doesn't appear in any database, I know it was the 60s but I know...See More
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Sandi Bachom where were you guys living? Do you know Pamela Polland?19 hours ago · Like

Bruce Kunkel Know Pamela. Lived at the Hotel Earl while in NYC... we had a large house in the Hollywood Hills when not on the road19 hours ago · Unlike · 2 people

Sandi Bachom I grew up on Beechwood Drive and all the Glens. Peter Tork had a house under the sign up Beechwood after he washed dishes at the Golden Bear....LOL19 hours ago · Like · 2 people

Sandi Bachom Well I'm from "The Barricades of Heaven" got to bring your own redemption when you come19 hours ago · Like · 2 people

Fenton Lawless My first week in NYC I saw Sly and the Family Stone at The Electric Circus on St. Marks Place in the East Village. And yes they took me higher and my mind was blown.
Does this count?19 hours ago · Like

Tom Doyle what a great time i remember seeing the dead and sha nana at the filmoe but Frank Zappa and Lennon was the show i believe that was on the sometime in nyc lp oh yea cd19 hours ago · Like

Peter Jason I saw The Band and Dylan on New Year's Eve at the Academy of Music on 14th St....favorite concert ever!!!18 hours ago · Like · 1 person

Matthew Cope I *knew* God intended me to be a New Yorker! Where did I go wrong?18 hours ago · Like

Fenton Lawless What year was Dylan with the Band at the Acadamy?18 hours ago · Like

Tom Doyle possibly 67 or 6818 hours ago · Like

Fenton Lawless Hmmmm, don 't think 68 is right.18 hours ago · Like

Tom Doyle mabey later it was over 40 years ago memory isnt that great these daze18 hours ago · Like

Denis Farley Moondog :)17 hours ago · Like

Matthew Cope ‎67/68 seems early to me, too.17 hours ago · Like

Denis Farley Spent some time with Howard Solomon in Crestline before he passed on. He has quite an archive of material that I would suppose is with his sons Jason and Sheppard.
His was the Cafe au go go among many other accomplishments: hours ago · Like

Tom Doyle the academy mabey 71 7217 hours ago · Like

Fenton Lawless Dylan toured the world with the "Hawks" thru 1966, did a few gigs in 1969, but did not tour again until 1974. With The Band.17 hours ago · Like

Tom Doyle so mabey 74 guess could check the village voice archives that would be a definate17 hours ago · Like

Ken Aidekman I saw Sly at the Electric Circus, but only for one song. They took a long break and we had to leave to catch the last bus back to Jersey.17 hours ago · Like

Fenton Lawless Well, you know what you missed. 17 hours ago · Like

Peter Jason wasn't allowed to play with the Band until after midnight on the 31st his contract with Grossman...that's why he came on stage at 12:01 on the 1st...I forget what year but it was the year The Band added a brass section!!!17 hours ago · Like

Peter Jason I looked it up...1972...and the tapes still exist under Rock of Ages...minus the Dylan songs...contracts you know!!!16 hours ago · Like



Jack Celli I physically bumped into Mia Farro and Vicent Price on a narrow stairway in Boston... does that count?16 hours ago · Like

Stevie Budesky My NYC band "Waterproof Tinkertoy"( on Laurie) played with "Fevertree" from San Francisco at the Electric Circus in 69 also saw Sly there.Tim Hardin at the Bitter End. Backed up Neil Diamond there also. Remember the Hotel Albert? everyone s...See More
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Tom Messner I saw Bobby Fischer playing chess in Washington Square Park, giving Knights odds and time. Also saw Ed Koch running for Congress. And, oh yeah, Richard Pryor in January or 1968. He was almost as funny as Koch, but not as weird as Fischer.13 hours ago · Unlike ·  2 people

Harold Lepidus The Band with Dylan, Academy Of Music - Early hours of 1972, available on re-issue of "Rock Of Ages", 2001.
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Marcia Stehr My family moved to the Village in 1950 and I saw Woody, Pete and Jack at Washington Square. I practically lived there and got to hear all of the great musicians who passed through.. saw Dylan at the Cafe Wha? in 1961 and I worked at Gerde's 1960-1965. I introduced Rev. Gary Davis to Doc Watson! and more...12 hours ago · Like ·  3 people

Stuart Ezrin If my memory serves me correct, I saw Rhasann Rholand Kirk open for Stanley Turrentine, approx.1974 @ the Village Vanguard, Teruro Nakamura& The Rising sun @ a small club called Axis in Soho.I remember NY magazine had a map of the most dangerous areas in the city, and this club was in "the red zone" on the map.Roughly 1974.A young Billy Crystal opened, and I think David Sancious opened, not to long after he left Springsteens band.11 hours ago · Like

Stuart Ezrin I saw some of the best shows at "The Bottom Line" 73-80.An entire thread could be on all the amazing shows that took place at this wonderful club.11 hours ago · Like

Lloyd Landesman Jimi Hendrix/Sly @ Fillmore 5/10/68, and many more.11 hours ago · Like

Doug MacKenzie Sandi, I sure wish my brother, Guy would open up, but he was friends with Dylan, Suze Rotolo, Dave Van Ronk, et al, back in the '61-'64 time frame. He has a bunch of wonderful stories. wish he'd share...and don't think I haven't tried to get him to.11 hours ago · Like ·  1 person

Eric Cocks Lucky enough to see The Fugs, early on in a small club in The Village. Carly Simon at The Bitter End. Lots of people at The Bottom Line, including Lou Reed, Timothy Leary doing Stand Up Philosophy, Barnaby Bye and many more. In NYC, but not in the village: The Who, The Kinks, Led Zeppelin, Spirit and many others at The Fillmore. John Lennon, George Harrison, Dylan, The Stones, Elvis and many more at MSG. The Kinks, T-Rex, Bowie, Badfinger, The Byrds, Zep and more at Carnegie Hall. What a great city for music!11 hours ago · Like ·  1 person

Jonathan Helfand Saw Zappa 20 times at the Garrett. Saw the Fugs @ Café Wha? Hendrix and Cream on Bleecker (don't remember the venue). If you ever want a rundown of the East Village let me know, I saw just about every concert at the Village Theatre/Fillmore East from '65-'72.11 hours ago · Like

Denis Farley Pretty sure Hendrix & Cream would be Cafe Au Go Go as Howard Solomon said he gave Jimi his 1st gig as part of John Hammond's band and then as Jimi James & The Blue Flames & was a big supporter of the Brit Invasion & 'Lectric Rock in general...See More
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Denis Farley ‎. . . and of course Vince Martin, here on Facebook, first hit circa 'late '50s with Cindy O Cindy with the Tarriers which included Alan Arkin.
        and recent documentary Vagabondo - a film by Mark Sebastian & Todd Kwait. ...See More
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Michael Gladstone This could get long... Peter Jason on every bar stool in the Village. Belushi, Chevy Chase and Christopher Guest in Lemmings at the Village Gate(Downstairs), Richard Pryor at the Gaslight(Sitting with Shawn Phillips behind Charlie Chin from Cat Mother), Buddy Miles and The Chambers Brothers at the Electric Circus, Al Kooper and The Blues Project at the Cafe Au Go Go, Cheech and Chong, Hall and Oates(Then called Whole Oats) Randy Newman, Paul Williams, Curtis Mayfield and a million others at the Bitter End. Randy Burns and Buzzy Linhart at Gerdes. The Eagles first NY show at the Academy.
        So many shows I have forgotten, It was a great place to see music cheap or for free in Washington Square Park. I worked in Nobody's and saw every Rock Star in the World coming through town. Saw Dylan, and Yoko walking down Thompson Street.
        That's enough for now, for every one I mentioned there are a hundred I have forgotten, You had to be there, it was a special place and time.9 hours ago · Like ·  2 people

Kenny Davis I played at the Academy of Music - what a great venue! I worked at the Bitter End with Charlie Chin - very much a mentor to me at the time. The list of people I saw, just there, is long but among them:
        Bob Dylan (I played with him and tried on his famous Rolling Thudner Revue hat backstage when no one was looking!), Joni Mitchell, Patti Smith, John Phillips, John Prine - wow, I guess only Paul Colby could give the entire list. If you count the old Lonestar Cafe as being in The Village then I have to add doing many opening shows for: James Brown, George Strait, Vassar Clements, Jerry Jeff Walker, Kinky Friedman, The Bellamy Brothers, The Nitty Gritty Dirt, again I can't even come close to remembering everyone. I've been very, very fortunate in that sense.8 hours ago · Like ·  1 person

Frank Newcomer I saw Jimi Hendrix open for the Monkees in Jacksonville, Florida.8 hours ago · Like

Marlena Yannetti wow! all the stories are so great. The summer of '62 sang at the Thirdside, where I met Dylan. That summer the Clancy Bros. were going back to Ireland and someone held a party for them at an apartment on 8th st. Dylan and I went and were sitting on a couch when Liam picked up a guitar, stood directly in front of us and began singing "Eileen Aroon". By the time the song was over you could have heard a pin drop. It was magical. Bill cosby was performing at the Gaslight and one night he called my apt. to ask me to accompany him to his first gig on Johnny Carson's show. At the time, I was at a banjo contest in PA, so my roomies went with him. Maria and I were in Alan Block's one morning when Dylan came in with a piece of paper that was a song he had written. I may be mistaken, but I thought it was "blowin' in the wind".. So much more, so many memories. Later on in '70, when I was in "Hair" in Boston I would drive to Woodstock where Geoffrey and Maria would have these incredible parties, with the band, Bonnie and Delaney and Paul Butterfield, among many others. Whew!7 hours ago · Like

Jim Duckett I was doing the basket houses in '66-'67 saw and met a lot of people.6 hours ago · Like

Ryka Madness LOL Sandi,You just so brought back a flood of memories.I will have to pull some crappy photos to remember dates but,I would go to see buddies mostly Frankie La Rocca, Jimmie Mack, Slick, I saw Jack Mack and the heartattacks aww, some Todd rundgren, oh this is later though The Spin Doctors,5 hours ago · Like

Sandi Bachom OMG Jack Mack and the Heart Attacks!!!!! I loved them, saw them at the Lingerie in Hollywood where I'm from, always thought they were going to be huge but alas...just in my memory.5 hours ago · Like

Sandi Bachom This is AMAZING you guys, Facebook ROCKS! If you don't mind, I'd like to repost your comments on our Greenwich Village Music Festival site to get even MORE memories going. Does anyone remember who they saw at the Night Owl, The Gaslight, The Cafe Au Go Go, Max's Kansas City.....5 hours ago · Like

Nycamera Tom Whats the old quote if you remembered your werent really there ? : )5 hours ago · Like

Jack Little I saw Stevie Wonder at The Celler Doar. Wonderfull show. It was my first concert.4 hours ago · Like

Jim Duckett ‎1967: The Fugs in Thompkins Square Park on the Lower East Side, John Hammond Jr. at The Gaslight, Tom Ghent at The Four Winds Cafe, "The Chocolate Snowflakes" w/ John Hall at Cafe Wha?, Susan Martin @ The Four Winds Cafe. Met Ritchie Havens one night late on the way back from a coffeehouse over on E. 2nd St. Vince Martin got me my first paying gig @ The Gaslight South in The Grove that year. I know I used to see Bruce Murdoch around but not sure exactly when. Met Les Paul @ The Four Winds and didn't know it until later(ARGH) David Santo introduced me to Ritchie & Seymour from Sire, I was briefly under contract, played The Bitter End once but that was that. I had no idea what was going on.4 hours ago · Like

Angel Rissoff Hi, I saw Sly at the electric Circus also Muddy Waters..Howlin wolf at max's...The Chambers Brothers at the Downtown on Sheridan Sq,,The Sparrow before they were Steppenwolf ..The Mothers at the garrick ..with Richie Havens as the opener...The Doors and the Buffalo Springfield at Ondeans on 59th...I'm amazed I remember that...who am I???3 hours ago · Like ·  1 person

Sandi Bachom you guys this is SO helpful, I grew up on the west coast and missed ALL this, thank you!!!!! The clubs that seem to be the core of the beginnings of so much music and spoken word...The Bitter End, Cafe Wha?, The Gaslight, Cafe Au Go Go, Max's Kansas City, Vanguard and the Village Gate3 hours ago · Like

Alan Brewer I saw Arlo Guthrie on New Year's Eve, I believe it was Dec. 31, 1969.2 hours ago · Like

Christin Lynch Tom Petty & the Heartbreaker's first show in NYC at the Bottom Line - 197something, can't remember. Great show. I'll have to rummage through my addled brain for more - there are so many.2 hours ago · Like

Elliott Randall oh, Zimmerman, John Sebastian, Ritchie Havens, et al summer of '632 hours ago · Like

Christin Lynch Saw everyone at Max's. Lived just down 18th St between Irving & Third. Hated to see it go. Blondie, et al.2 hours ago · Like

Christin Lynch Even Billy Joel played Max's before he hit it big.2 hours ago · Like

Steve Arkin Who didn't I see?2 hours ago · Like

Elliott Randall Whoa !!! If we're going to be technical, Max's is *not* in Greenwich Village ...although maybe it deserves an 'honorary' - it was such a cool place :-)2 hours ago · Like

Jack Pignatello Birdies played with John Hammond (and The Nighthawks), Sonny and Brownie, Major Wiley, Big Lee Dowell (Karate Boogaloo), Dominic (of course), all at Gerde's. I saw Seatrain (Richard Green) at The Bitter End, the Grateful Dead and Kweskin at Cafe au GoGo, Geoff Muldaur (and Gary Wright in his Dreamweaver spacesuit), Kenny Rankin, Bette Midler at The Bottom Line.
        And I remember seeing shows at the Anderson Theater (which I always thought became the Fillmore...was that just a belladonna haze?)....

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Comment by Sandi on January 15, 2011 at 3:43pm
Jeannie Myers I have to go with what Steve said, "Who didn't I see?" I think a lot of us went through different stages of genre preferences, some coincided, some came later. I think if you lived here, you saw just about every folk artist, every jazz artist, so I hesitated to reply, too many to enumerate. But I'll say the person I saw the most was Bill Evans, mostly at the Vanguard.
Wednesday at 10:25pm ·
Phil Parmet Bob Dylan, Richie Havens Cafe Wha?
Thursday at 2:38pm ·
Al Arioli Cafe Au Go Go: George Carlin. One night Paul Newman was in the audience and I heard someone say 'he's eating chicken!'
20 hours ago ·
Sandi Bachom You guys are so amazing....THANK YOU!!!!!! You have validated for me that this is such an important story and it needs to be told, the clubs played such an historic piece for these iconic artists
20 hours ago ·
Mark Honickel lot's and lot's of people from 1973-present and photos of a lot of them.
16 hours ago ·
Tom Messner It just occurred to me: I saw Tammy Wynette at the Bitter End in the late 1980s. Packed the place (which wasn't that hard) but seemed so anomalous. Of course, she killed. A genius voice. Apartment Number Nine. What a song.
13 hours ago ·
Thomas Maguire Let's see, Elliot Murphy, Ray Manzarek, The New York Dolls, Elliot Randall and others I forget at Max's, Peter Gabriel (with Robert Fripp, Alan Schwartzburg, Jimmy Maelen, Tony Levin and Larry Fast) at The Bottom Line (Overwhelming!), Fripp at The Kitchen, Jon Faddis & Co. at 7th AV South, David Monarch, Kitty Bruce at The Bitter End, Stuff @ Kenny's and the joint on 8th Ave just south of 14th that is gone.
about an hour ago ·
Thomas Maguire Oh, Zappa's Halloween Show at the Academy in '81. I was a guest of one of the sound guys and knocked on the sound truck door. Mark the head engineer whipped open the door sporting half a mustache!
about an hour ago ·
Sandi Bachom you know why we're doing the Greenwich Village Music Festival!
54 minutes ago ·
Phil Parmet Shot Frank Zappa's 1977 Halloween concert at New York City's Palladium Theater. The film was BABY SNAKES. It was a blast.
10 minutes ago ·

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Happy Traum at the Gerdes Folk City 50th Reunion 6/7/10 "Buckets Of Rain" and talks about Dylan

"BRING BACK THEM GOOD OLD DAYS!" ~ Comments from our members!

Lisi Tribble about Gerdes Folk City:
"Jay Byrd was the last hooter- Dustin Hoffman based his character "Hawk" in Ishtar on him. Enamel the Camel. The Roches. Rick Danko. David Massengill. George Gerdes. Eric Andersen. Mark Johnson. Gregory Fleeman. Jack Hardy. Robin Williamson. Tret Fure. Ferron. Sammy Walker. Lach. . .--Anderson,

Bob Dylan was also below age when he first played there. Mike signed his guardianship forms."

"I loved it when the Village was still like a small community, a town within Manhattan, and mostly "regulars" would hang out.....I always felt so welcome there... Bring back them old days!"
~Ida Langsam

"This website is gonna catch on fire. Great idea! When I get to something other than an iPhone I'll upload some pix and stuff. I'll be keeping tabs...I Think this kind of organized exposure for the artists willing to perform is Great. going to blossom"
~Bob Porco (grandson of Mike)

"Thanks so much for putting this whole thing together, and for inviting me to participate. I have such wonderful memories of the Bitter End and all the other coffee houses: Gerde's Folk City, The Gaslight Cafe... saw so many wonderful artists perform."
~Yvonne Fitzner

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