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Asked my Facebook friends about the concert I saw Dylan and the Band, think it was 1965 in Riverside California


  • Sandi Bachom HeyDylan fans. I was being interviewed last night about a concert Iattended when Bob went electric. Unfortunately, the concert does notexist on any website. It was in 1965 I believe, in Riverside Ca. firsthalf of the concert as a solo acoustic and then The Band came out. Iwas told that he only performed for one year 1965-66 before hismotorcycle accident. Hey it was the 60's and I WAS there...
    23 hours ago ·
  • Barry Udoff wonder what crowd film they used in 'I'm Not There'
    23 hours ago ·
  • Christopher Todd Davis Doyou recall if Levon was on drums? He only played part of the tour, thenquit because he didn't like having crap and insults thrown at himonstage.

    He returned to The Band when the tour was over.
    23 hours ago ·
  • Sandi Bachom Yes,@Christopher, that's what my friend Harold Lepidus asked me last nightduring the interview, I told him the audience who were early Dylan fanssince 1961...when they band came out, and you cut to our faces, it waslike that scene in the Producers during Springtime for Hitler. Therewas a party after, Donovan and Dylan were there. Jackson Browne waswith us, and he'd given me a picture when I moved to Boston, andrecently saw him, the picture was when he was 17..."'65 I was 17..."
    23 hours ago ·
  • Mimi Corbett Sandi...just ask both Bob Dylans on your friend list...will the real Bob Dylan please stand up.
    23 hours ago via Facebook Mobile ·
  • Sandi Bachom ‎@Barry,it was a theater I'd say held about 400, and there was a lot of red inthe room, weird how the mind works, but he did songs like Masters ofWar and Like a Rolling Stone and Positively 4th st I think
    23 hours ago ·
  • Dan Schneider Cool. I'm a huge bob Dylan fan.....
    23 hours ago ·
  • Marlena Langston Yannetti Jerry's correct, as I recall.
    22 hours ago ·
  • Michael Morris
    Dylantook the stage on Sunday with what was essentially the Paul ButterfieldBlues Band– Mike Bloomfield on guitar, Sam Lay on drums, Jerome Arnoldon bass, Al Kooper on organ, and Barry Goldberg on pian. They’dpracticed with Dylan all S...aturdaynight in a nearby mansion, but according to Kooper, “The ButterfieldBand didn’t have the best chemistry to back Dylan… It (the practice)was a tough night… complicated and ugly”. Peter Yarrow introducedDylan: “Ladies and gentlemen, the person that’s going to come up nowhas a limited amount of time … His name is Bob Dylan.” When Dylan andthe band go into a loud, and raucous rendition of “Maggie’s Farm” theboos erupt almost immediately, along with mixed cheers. Then Dylan goesinto “Like a Rolling Stone” (the week the song was released as asingle) and the boos continue. After playing “Phantom Engineer” andstill facing scorn from the crowd, Dylan tells the band, “Let’s go,man. That’s all”, and walks off stage– pissed and frustrated. Aflustered Peter Yarrow returned to the microphone to try and calmthings down, and along with Joan Baez manages to coax Dylan back onstage. Yarrow panders to the crowd by telling them Dylan is getting hisacoustic guitar. Dylan is now ready to play for the crowd in an almostapologetic gesture– then there’s an awkward and tense appeal to thecrowd for an E harmonica, followed finally by a classic Dylan renditionof “Mr. Tambourine Man” that gets things back on track for the folkies.It’s amazing to see Dylan do an about-face, reverting to acoustic, on anight when “going electric” was meant to be an epic artistic statement.And although the crowd exploded with applause at the end of Dylan’sforced acoustic set, he would not return to the Newport stage again for37 years– and Ironically enough, the song they so fervently booed atNewport, “Like a Rolling Stone”, was named by none other than RollingStone magazine as the greatest rock song of all time.See More

    22 hours ago ·
  • Noe Gold Don'tthink Jerry is correct. I attended what must have been the East Coastversion of this tour at the Mosque Theater in Newark, NJ, and I was inHS or Freshman year of college, so that would have put it at 1964. Iattended with my friend Jerry Seidenfeld, who also went with me toNewport '65 when he went electric. Jerry is immortalized in this photoin Dave Gahr's "Festival Songbook" (P. 20): os/doctor_noe/4335163183/i n/set-72157602923374214/
    22 hours ago ·
  • Danny O'Keefe Are you sure he actually had a motorcycle accident?
    22 hours ago ·
  • Sandi Bachom Yeah Danny, Jim Morrison told me
    22 hours ago ·
  • Danny O'Keefe Oh, well then, his old friend Jim.
    22 hours ago ·
  • Edward Cosgriff Sandi,I hope you got to see him back in 97 at Irving Plaza. He did one set byhimself with his Martin and his harmonica. It was one of thoseunforgetable shows. He was definately in his element that night. It wasthe best Dylan show I ever been to. At Newport 65 ,it was said PeteSeeger wanted to pull the plug,during his electric set. Dylan was veryupset by that news.
    22 hours ago ·
  • Nycamera Tom Band or Byrds?
    21 hours ago ·
  • Bruce Bernfeld Ed.Dylan only did one set that night in NY at Irving Plaza. He did do 3songs with an acoustic guitar in the middle of the set: Cocaine Blues,To Ramona and Tangled up in Blue. The days of a full acoustic set arelong over
    21 hours ago ·
  • Elizabeth Principato I was four years old!
    20 hours ago ·
  • Edward Cosgriff Bruce.I wish I had a memory like you. I didn't know I was even going to thatshow until a few hours before. Yeah it wasn't a full acoustic set,itwas close enough for me though. Thanks for your clarity on that.
    19 hours ago ·
  • Jack Pignatello
    ToNoe...I was also at that show at the Mosque. I was a junior at EssexCatholic HS in Newark. I went with a friend as a payback for him goingwith me to see Bruno Sammartino vs Nature Boy Buddy Rogers at MadisonSquare Garden when it was o...n 8th ave.

    I enjoyed the wrestling more than the music. And as I recall, there wasn't a whole lot of people at the concert.
    See More

    19 hours ago ·
  • Palmer Jan Ward I saw the same concert: Santa Monica Civic Auditorium...
    18 hours ago ·
  • Sandi Bachom Palmer so when was that? Was Levon in the band or you had no idea?
    16 hours ago ·
  • Denis Farley
    Isaw the show at Cornel in '65. He came out wearing that hounds tooth orgray, lapel less, pegged trouser legged suit and did an acoustic set,took a bit of an intermission and came out with the band. I ratherliked the electric songs I h...eardon record so the that set was no big deal in terms of any kind ofbetrayal with me an apparently among the reserved Cornel audience. Hewent to the piano for Positively 4th Street I think and a singularvoice from the crowd cried "we want Bob Dylan," which elicited a twonote chortle from Bob at the microphone. That was the extent of anyextemporaneous exchanges. I moved back to the rear of the fieldhouse/basketball court - whatever it was, off the floor seating tobleachers and the sound was fine.

    I grew up in Beacon, NY andknew Pete since he had performed in my 7th grade class in '58. In the'80s I performed with Pete, worked on the Clearwater and variousprojects with him, often bunking in at his place. I think they alwayshad a deep respect for each other that I could discern and anydifferences might be characterized as not much more than you would findin any family and or generation gap. I read a number of things abouthow upset Pete was supposed to have been (I wasn't there at Newport),and that it had something to do with his (Pete's) father's hearing,that it was painful or something . . . which may have been behindPete's strong reaction. I think one would have to take into account thestate of PA systems in '64, the expertise required and the dearth ofqualified people to handle such cutting edge tech. Don't forget, eventhe Beatles used, I believe the existing PA at Shea Stadium which wasoverwhelmed by the crowd. I don't know who was engineering the sound,whether it was from the stage or out in the crowd, whether there was anon stage monitoring system or not . . . but concert PA has come a longway since '64.
    See More

    15 hours ago ·
  • Denis Farley Justto throw in some perspective . . . that year or the year before I sawJosh White open for Freddie Cannon. At that time, Freddie was ridinghigh with top ten hits like Palisade Park and Tallahassee Lasse. Heused a local backup band. Well poor Freddie was so blown away by Josh,at least judging by the comical mass exodus during his performance thathe threw down his microphone in disgust and stormed off stage.
    15 hours ago ·
  • Richard Alderson thiswas a warm up for the '65-'66 world tour, why it doesn't exist on anysite is weird except that i think it was not really a booked concertjust sort of a rehearsal with an audience. i missed it because i was inNYC building the sound system for the tour the next stop was HonoluluHawaii. the Hawaiian and the Australian parts of this tour aresketchily documented and i did not tape them as i did the European ones
    9 hours ago ·
  • Douglas L. Saunders I was at the Berkeley concert for that tour - I remember it well.
    8 hours ago ·
  • Christin Lynch I lived in Woodland Hills at the time and missed it. :-(
    8 hours ago ·
  • Sandi Bachom
    From my friend Richard Alderson who was sound guy on that tour!!! So I guess it wasn't just the 60s i WAS there!

    Richard wrote: "this was a warm up for the '65-'66 world tour, why it doesn't exist on any site is weird except that i think it ...wasnot really a booked concert just sort of a rehearsal with an audience.i missed it because i was in NYC building the sound system for the tourthe next stop was Honolulu Hawaii. the Hawaiian and the Australianparts of this tour are sketchily documented and i did not tape them asi did the European ones"See More

    4 hours ago ·
  • Marc Rubinstein Iwas at Carnegie Hall a short while after he got booed at Newport andthe Forest Hills Tennis Stadium shows. When he came out after anintermission with Devon and the Hawks (later known as The Band) peoplestarted to boo. At 13-or 14 I stood up and screamed, "Shut the f--k upand let 'em play!" Then many others took up the call. The "folkies"shut up, and the show went on. I've always felt proud of my young selffor that.
    4 hours ago ·
  • Douglas L. Saunders Ithink that was basically what happened everywhere that year - itcertainly did in Berkeley. I could never understand why the 'purists'felt so betrayed, though I had plenty of 'purist' friends.
    4 hours ago ·
  • Marc Rubinstein My cousin, a little older, was a "purist". But they were so good both ways, why couldn't they just enjoy it?
    4 hours ago ·
  • Douglas L. Saunders Ithink they saw it as an ideological betrayal. Pete Seeger has triedexplaining it, but the explanations sound pretty hollow, and contrivedafter the fact.
    3 hours ago ·
  • Marc Rubinstein Yeah,I guess. But then they were into the idea of Bob Dylan, not thesubstance. He never claimed to be more than a song and dance man. Stillsays so today. :-)
    3 hours ago ·
  • Denis Farley ‎@RichardAlderson -well, I've seen some you tube or before of the Newport fiascoand in all honesty, it wasn't that great, and I heard that at one pointPete was gonna take an axe to the AC cord . . . ha ha . . . I mean, noquestion Bob is great, and so is Pete, and there was a kind of changingof the guard going on there . . . but those guys were as Bob Seegersays in Night Moves - 'working on mysteries without any clue' . . .pioneers, yes, but god help me and them . . . it was painful.
    3 hours ago ·
  • Denis Farley Ishould add that the Cornel show was fine - louder than I'd everexperienced but fine at the back of the house. I think Pink Floyd hadthe best consistent shed sound of any band I've heard and they're stillat it.
    3 hours ago ·
  • Denis Farley I'lladd one more thing - I did work in sound and lights in a Jazz club inMiami in '78, and Bill Evans had such a presence that you could hear apin drop in the club, and I saw Lester Chambers quiet a jam band and aroom down simply by refusing to turn up his vocal or harmonica.
    3 hours ago ·
  • Jack Little You luckey so and so.
    2 hours ago ·
  • Marc Rubinstein Denis, great memories.
    about an hour ago ·
  • Joelen Mulvaney thought his first concert after going electric was at Forest Hills Tennis stadium in nyc August 1965...and I WAS THERE!
    about an hour ago ·
  • Kenny Davis Sofunny that you compared it to The Producers when they started doingSpringtime for Hitler - remember there was one guy in the audince whostood up and clapped and the rest of the crowd started beating him up.Second greatest thrill I've had was playing with Bob at the Bitter End(but you know that). The whole thing goes to show how influential hewas and is - he dragged the audience into the modern era kicking andscreaming.
    40 minutes ago ·
  • Denis Farley
    My roommate freshman year was at Forest Hills - he said people were tearing up albums and stomping them - funny if not crazy.

    Then one more jazz memory with Roland Kirk. He stopped mid-song to lecture the packed house that he didn't play ...nobackground music . . . and stood there facing them down until the noiselevel had reached an acceptable level before resuming. ;))See More

    36 minutes ago ·

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After Dylan had that accident, Hammond hired Bruce Murdoch; was going to bill him as Canada's Bob Dylan, but Murdoch wouldn't cooperate with that.See More
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